Wade – Converter Technologies of Wichita

Mike, I wanted to write you a sincere appreciation letter on my behalf for doing an outstanding job on my Hummer H2. I checked around when I first had the problem with my airbags and you are the only guy who knew how to fix the problem and also adjust them for the lift kit that was added to my Hummer H2.

This was the starting point of a good business relationship. Next, you let me know about the supercharger, installed it and then eventually, I just had to have the diesel conversion. I was immensely satisfied with the results. I shopped around prior to doing the diesel conversion with you at another shop locally in Wichita, Kansas, that specializes in the same type of conversions. However, after several visits to each shop, I noticed that you seemed to get jobs finished.

Your personal customer service with me was the deciding factor in my choice to spend my money with your shop. I noticed the work that was done by both places and yours was far superior and more fine-tuned than the other. Not only are you a pioneer of the diesel conversion, but you are also very talented in suspension, transmission and accessory upgrades for Hummers. I would recommend your shop to any and everyone who would like a conversion for a Hummer H1, H2 or H3 due to the fact that there is nothing you can’t do, which was proven to me.

Most impressive was the turnaround time. My vehicle was actually completed and ready to drive within two weeks. Last, but not least, the follow-up on the business deal was awesome, checking up with me frequently and making sure I was satisfied as well as making sure that I understood all the pieces of the conversion and how it worked.