Miranda – Happy Duramash H2 and 6.0L H3 Conversion Owner

I purchased an H3 in June 2006 and was unhappy with the performance of the stock inline 5 cylinder. I did some research and found Mike Mash at Mash Motors Inc.. He converted my H3 to a 6.0 Liter Vortec, after which, I totally fell in love with my H3. I got more looks and stares in my vehicle. I smoked several mustangs and other vehicles (and macho males) off the line. They were pretty upset to be beat by a girl. I traveled many times out of state (on average 6-8 hour drives) in my H3 and enjoyed the ability to pass as I please.

I had been driving it as my daily driver until my son was born in Aug 2007. I then decided that I needed a bigger vehicle to handle the stuff needed for a baby. I was looking into several types of SUVs, and I was very interested in getting an H2. I purchased my H2 at the beginning of 2008 and soon realized that I was missing the power of my H3. I decided that another call to Mash Motors Inc. was necessary; my H2 needed a conversion done. I had Mike put a Duramax diesel into my H2, and I am in love all over again. My gas mileage has doubled over the stock engine. I am very impressed with the inside of my engine compartment – it looks stock. I have taken my H2 on a few road trips and love the added power.