Andy, CT

I was getting frustrated with the lack of power in my 2006 H3 3.5L and was considering getting the H3 Alpha and taking a serious hit on the trade in. I did a little searching on the net and discovered Mash Motors Inc. can upgrade my H3 with a bigger motor than the 3.5L. After many long conversations with Mike, and I mean many, I finally decided to go with the conversion and send it out to him.

After getting my truck back and test-driving it, I couldn’t believe what a difference this upgrade made. It was everything Mike said it would be. I not only have a more powerful truck that is a dream to drive, but I also gained 52 extra miles per tank of gas after going through my first full tank of gas since I got it back. This is a huge difference from 3.5 to the 6.0L.

This guy takes pride in his work and really knows his stuff. He did a very clean and professional install and I would recommend him and this conversion to anyone who is considering taking their Hummer to the next level. Ride on!