The Duramax Diesel Engine conversion for Hummer H1 and H2 and Large SUV’s

Include a complete replacement of your vehicles factory power train to the Duramax Diesel Engine, Allsion heavy duty 6 speed transmission and selectable 2 wheel / 4 wheel drive heavy duty transfer case. Also included in the conversion is a free flow 4 inch custom exhaust, high flow cold air intake system, Duramax Wiring Harness, Modified ECM, and multiple other items that make the entire conversion process complete. Additionally,with a conversion from MASH MOTORS INC. you won’t lose any of your factory accessories and all wiring is completed in a manner that allows your factory settings to be maintained.

The base conversion package starts out with 400 horsepower and with performance upgrades and modifications can be increased to 750 horsepower. The biggest gain from the conversion is the outstanding fuel mileage from 9 to 12 MPG in a stock Hummer to 18 to 26 MPG and is capable of running on biodiesel.

Each conversion is completed to the customer’s specific requests and therefore build time is approximately 45 days for the H1 and 25 days for the H2. This ensures that each conversion is completed properly and the vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and road tested prior to delivery.

Bio Diesel Picture